MacBook Air M3 13-inch and 15-inch (2024)

– The new MacBook Air M3 2024 is a solid iteration on the previous generation M2 model it replaces
– It offers improved battery life, a new M3 Chip, and up to 96GB of RAM,
– However, critics feel that compared to the prior M2 model there is surprisingly little difference and that for many users the previous model would be good enough.
– The lack of a larger performance leap is attributed to thermal constraints and overall design which has remained the same.
– The consensus is that for most users the M2 model would be equally sufficient and offers better value for money.
– For ‘prosumers’ the new M3 model offers modest improvements, but for the average user, it seems unnecessary.
– Perhaps the biggest compliment that can be paid to the M3 Air is that it forces competitors to raise their game.

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