LG Announces 2024 OLED TV Lineup Starting at $1,500

  • LG is releasing new 2024 OLED TV models in March starting at $1,500 for a 42-inch C4 series TV
  • The G4 and C4 models are expected to be brighter than their 2023 predecessors (G3 and C3 models) with improved color on the G4
  • The 97-inch G4 model returns with a very high price of $25,000
  • Pricing on the new 2024 models is generally higher than current 2023 versions but prices will drop over the year
  • CNET recommends waiting for hands-on reviews but currently still recommends the C3 as the best high-end TV
  • Major retailers like Best Buy and Amazon often have the best 4K TV deals, especially around events like Black Friday
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