From Web to App: Maximizing Your Fitness with Fitbit Experience

Google is shutting down the web dashboard in July and focusing on the Fitbit mobile apps for Android and iOS.

  • The web dashboard will no longer be accessible after July 8.
  • Users are encouraged to use the Fitbit mobile apps as a replacement.
  • Google aims to provide valuable insights to users through the mobile app.
  • Fitbit app includes features from the web dashboard and exclusive app features.
  • All user data related to activities, nutrition, sleep, and weight will be available in the Fitbit app.
  • The decision to shut down the web dashboard is due to its outdated interface compared to mobile apps.
  • Some users prefer the web interface for food logging and additional functionality.
  • Fitbit app will be the primary platform for users moving forward.
  • faced an outage in mid-April, indicating the need for modernization.
  • The focus will be on enhancing user experience through the Fitbit mobile apps.
  • Google emphasizes support for users transitioning from web to app and provides assistance as needed.
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