Fast Travel Methods in Dragon’s Dogma 2: Oxcart, Portcrystals, Ferrystones, and Ropeway

  1. “Dragon’s Dogma 2” features various fast travel methods: Oxcart, Permanent Portcrystals, Temporary Portcrystals, Ferrystones, and Ropeway.
  2. Oxcart is the main mode of transport between towns, but can be attacked by hostiles.
  3. Permanent Portcrystals are found in select settlements and saved once interacted with.
  4. Temporary Portcrystals are rare, expensive, and reusable; can be placed in any outdoor location.
  5. Ferrystones are required to use Portcrystals and can be obtained through quest rewards, looted chests, and some in-game purchases.
  6. Ropeway is a mode of travel in the Battahl region, but can be attacked by flying creatures.
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