Copilot for OneDrive: Microsoft’s New AI Assistant for Organizing, Searching and Summarizing Files

  • Copilot for OneDrive is an AI assistant that can find, summarize, and extract information from files like documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more.
  • It will be able to respond to natural language questions about file contents and perform tasks like creating tables and outlines from existing files.
  • Summaries can be tailored depending on what a user wants to focus on, such as only including key points from a specific section.
  • The assistant will be available through OneDrive on the web, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint once released in late April for commercial Microsoft 365 customers.
  • It aims to make searching files easier and faster by using AI to intelligently organize and summarize documents.
  • Users will first get a preview of Copilot’s summarization abilities by including auto-generated summaries of shared Word files in emails.
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