Apple’s Lighter, Cheaper Vision Headset: Rumors Point to June 2025 Launch

Apple fans, rejoice! Rumors are swirling that Apple is set to launch a cheaper, lighter version of its mixed reality headset, the Vision, as early as June 2025. This comes just over a year after the release of the Vision Pro, which has garnered praise for its technical prowess but carries a hefty price tag.

Lighter Design, Ambitious Production Targets

The rumor originates from a report by Chinese news outlet WallStreetCN, citing sources within Apple’s supply chain. These sources claim the new headset will weigh around 400 grams, a significant reduction from the Vision Pro’s 600-650 grams. This lighter design would make the headset more comfortable for extended wear, a crucial factor for both gaming and professional applications.

Perhaps even more surprising is the report’s claim that Apple is gearing up for mass production “at the level of tens of millions.” This is a massive leap compared to the Vision Pro’s estimated production in the hundreds of thousands.

The Price of Mass Production: Can Apple Achieve It?

Reaching tens of millions in production volume necessitates a significant increase in display panel availability. The current bottleneck is Sony’s limited micro-OLED display output, a key component in the Vision Pro’s high resolution and image quality.

The report suggests two possibilities. Apple might be sourcing micro-OLED displays from new Chinese suppliers like BOE and SeeYa Technology. Alternatively, they could opt for LCD panels, a much cheaper and readily available option. However, LCD panels typically offer lower pixel density, forcing Apple to choose between lower resolution or a bulkier design.

Corroborating Rumors and the Speculation Game

This isn’t the first time news of a cheaper Vision headset has surfaced. Renowned Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman have previously reported on Apple’s development of such a device. Gurman even hinted at potential pricing between $1500 and $2500, though he expressed uncertainty about Apple’s exact strategy for achieving a significant price reduction.

While WallStreetCN’s report is exciting, it’s important to maintain a degree of skepticism. Analyst Gurman recently suggested Apple is still grappling with cost-cutting measures, casting doubt on the feasibility of such a large-scale, low-cost production run.

Conclusion: A Lighter, More Affordable Vision?

The prospect of a more affordable, user-friendly Apple Vision headset is undeniably enticing. Whether Apple can achieve this ambitious goal by June 2025 remains to be seen. With increased display panel production and clever cost-cutting strategies, Apple could revolutionize the VR/MR market. We’ll be keeping a close eye on future developments and sharing them with you as they unfold.


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