Surgeons Take Apple Vision Pro into the Operating Room

A pioneering application of augmented reality is emerging in the operating room. The Apple Vision Pro headset is being leveraged by surgeons to enhance intraoperative visualization during spinal procedures. Apple’s $3,500 Vision Pro headset is being used in surgeries for the first time, potentially revolutionizing the field with its ability to display virtual screens in the operating room.


  • Doctors at Cromwell Hospital in London used the Apple Vision Pro during two spinal surgeries.
  • A scrub nurse wore the headset to view virtual screens displaying surgical tools and monitor surgery progress.
  • The software used is by eXeX, a company that creates AI-driven surgical apps.
  • Surgeons believe the Vision Pro is a “game-changer” and will improve patient care.
  • Apple sees the medical field as a potential market for the Vision Pro, alongside its intended use for various professions.
  • Other companies are developing medical apps for the Vision Pro, including surgical planning and training tools.
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