Apple Acquires AI Startup DarwinAI: Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency and Advancing On-Device Generative AI Features

  1. Apple has acquired Canada-based AI startup DarwinAI, which specializes in vision-based tech for manufacturing.
  2. Several DarwinAI team members joined Apple’s machine learning teams in January, and the startup has been marked as acquired in the portfolios of some investors.
  3. DarwinAI’s technology focuses on improving manufacturing efficiency and creating smaller, faster AI models.
  4. Apple plans to introduce on-device generative AI features in iOS 18 this year, aiming to catch up to competitors like Google and Meta.
  5. Apple has confirmed investment into general-purpose AI efforts, and job listings suggest AI integration in various areas, including Siri and developer tools.
  6. The acquisition may help Apple improve manufacturing efficiency and introduce GenAI-powered features.
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