PlayStation Evolution: PS5 Ascends to New Heights

PS5 updates

Sony’s latest PS5 update brings improvements to the DualSense controller’s audio and microphone, introduces new screen sharing features, and allows users to adjust the brightness of the PS5 power indicator.

Key Points

  • The update enhances the output volume of in-game sounds and voice chat on DualSense and DualSense Edge wireless controllers through firmware updates.
  • It improves the microphone performance on these controllers using machine learning for better background noise cancellation, such as button presses.
  • The Screen Share feature now supports pointers and emoji reactions, allowing friends to draw on shared screens for instructions or send celebratory emojis.
  • Users can disable these pointers and emoji if they find them distracting.
  • A PlayStation mobile app update, coming later this month, will enable iOS and Android users to utilize the new Screen Share interactions.
  • The update introduces three brightness levels (dim, medium, and bright) for adjusting the PS5 power indicator’s brightness, but users cannot disable it completely.
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