True caller Web Version: Finding Numbers on Your PC Just Got Easier

Looking for an unknown number on your phone can be a hassle, especially when you’re working on your computer. Truecaller, the popular caller ID and spam blocking app, has now introduced a solution – the Truecaller Web Version. With this new feature, you can search for and identify unknown numbers directly from your desktop or laptop, making it more convenient than ever to stay on top of your communication.

Seamless Integration Across Devices

The Truecaller Web Version seamlessly connects your Android device to your computer, allowing you to access your call logs, messages, and contact details from the comfort of your desktop or laptop. Whether you’re at work or lounging at home, you can quickly identify incoming calls and messages without reaching for your phone.

Key Features of Truecaller Web Version

Number Lookup: Just like the mobile app, the Truecaller Web Version allows you to search for and identify unknown numbers. Simply enter the number, and Truecaller will provide you with all the available information, including the caller’s name, location, and any associated comments or labels.

Message Sync: The Web Version keeps your messages synchronized across devices. You can read and respond to your SMS inbox directly from your computer, eliminating the need to constantly switch between devices.

Incoming Call and Message Alerts: Never miss a call or message again! The Truecaller Web Version displays real-time alerts for incoming calls and messages, allowing you to stay connected and respond promptly.

Encrypted Communication: Just like the mobile app, the Truecaller Web Version ensures that your messages are securely encrypted, protecting your privacy and safeguarding your communication.

Setting Up Truecaller Web Version

Setting up the Truecaller Web Version is a breeze. Simply open the Truecaller app on your Android device, navigate to the “Messages” tab, and select the three-dot menu. From there, choose the “Messaging for Web” option. On your computer’s browser, visit and scan the QR code to link your devices.
Unlock Productivity and Convenience

With the Truecaller Web Version, you can streamline your communication and boost your productivity. No more juggling between devices or missing important calls and messages. Embrace the convenience of having

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