Take control of your health with Zepp OS 3.5!

  • Zepp Health has launched an update to its health management platform called Zepp OS 3.5, featuring a new AI system called Zepp Flow
  • Zepp Flow uses natural language processing to allow users to interact with their smartwatch and other devices using natural conversations
  • Zepp OS 3.5 and Zepp Flow will be available through firmware updates for the Amazfit Balance starting in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland
  • Other Amazfit devices like the Cheetah series, Falcon and T-Rex Ultra will receive updates between May and June 2024
  • The update aims to provide an intuitive user experience across smartwatches and other platforms using Zepp Flow
  • Zepp Health’s CEO said Zepp Flow will be an “omnipresent AI” across their systems and guarantees a seamless experience across all platforms
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