Samsung vs Amazon: Free TVs and Big Discounts on New 2024 TVs

Samsung recently unveiled its 2024 TV lineup, and to entice buyers, they’re offering a free 65-inch 4K TU690T model with any preorder. However, before you jump on that offer, Amazon’s Big Spring Sale might be a sweeter deal. Let’s dive into the details of both promotions.

Samsung’s Preorder Bonus: A Free TV, But Not the Latest Model

Preordering any of Samsung’s 2024 TVs gets you a free 2022 model, the 65-inch TU690T. This TV boasts a Crystal UHD 4K processor for upscaling and two HDMI ports. While it gets decent brightness according to user reviews, the display technology, “Direct Lit LED,” lacks local dimming found in higher-end models.

In simpler terms, the free TV is a good secondary option, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor for buying a new Samsung TV.

Amazon’s Big Spring Sale: Bigger Discounts and Matching Preorder Bonus

Amazon’s Big Spring Sale counters Samsung’s offer with two things: matching the free 65-inch TU690T with eligible Samsung TV preorders, and offering an additional $100 discount on all Samsung 2024 TVs. This can translate to significant savings, especially on high-end models like the S95D OLED, the showstopper of Samsung’s lineup.

What Samsung TV Should You Buy?

If you’re already sold on a specific Samsung 2024 TV, the extra $100 discount from Amazon and the free secondary TV make it a compelling offer. Here’s a quick rundown of Samsung’s highlights:

  • S95D OLED: This top-of-the-line model boasts an anti-glare display, perfect for rooms with bright light. It also features an improved AI processor and a 144Hz refresh rate.
  • S90D OLED: A more affordable option that loses the anti-glare treatment but still packs a punch with an upgraded processor and improved 4K upscaling.
  • The Frame TV: This lifestyle TV doubles as a beautiful wall art display when not in use. The 2024 model features a new power-saving mode with a 60Hz refresh rate.
  • QN800D and QN900D: These 8K models boast improved AI upscaling and motion-enhancing features to make the most of their high resolution.

The Verdict: Consider Your Needs

If you prioritize the latest technology and the biggest possible screen for your primary TV, Amazon’s deal is likely the winner. The extra $100 discount can be significant, especially on high-end models. The free 65-inch TU690T, though not the latest, is a nice bonus.

However, if you’re on a tight budget and the free TV is a tempting offer that sways you towards Samsung’s pre-order deal, it’s not a terrible choice, especially if you can use the secondary TV in another room.

Ultimately, the best deal depends on your needs and budget. Remember, these promotions are valid until March 25th, so do your research and weigh your options before making a decision.

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