Efficient Strategies for Streamlining the IPO Process While Keeping Investors Happy

Equity, a podcast about startups, is celebrating its 7th birthday and encourages listeners to leave reviews to help more people discover the show. TechCrunch holds the rights to the content for personal use only.

  • Regulation & Policy (⚖️): There’s movement on both restrictions (potential TikTok ban, EU AI regulations) and divestment (India forced app store billing probe on Google).
  • Funding (): An Indian venture capital firm’s new fund and a new $80 million fund focused on contra-narrative investments are highlighted.
  • AI Startups (): Despite some criticism at SXSW, new audio-focused AI startups are getting funded (e.g., Nijta, Tavus).
  • Secondary Transactions (): As an alternative to IPOs, this podcast episode explores how secondary transactions can help with founder-investor tensions.
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